Changsha, China
The project is located in Changsha, China within the boundaries of the streets Xiangjiang N Rd and Gaochon Rd near the river Xiangjiang.


Concept design | Residences
Competition, "Skycity Challenge'19"


O Cifra

Veronika Supruniuk & Bahrom Khakimov


Imagine that you live in a house that gives you not only a roof over your head,but also clears the air and returns the territory to its original form,so the tree- house becomes a mother- house.

The trunk of the tree is its core, so the main residential modules are located in the house.By the way, you can go to the SkyCity website in the CTR module selection and choose the module you need.It won't take much time, and it won't take the BCORE team long to assemble and install it.
The crown of a tree is a home to а nesting birds. There is an opportunity to supplement the structure of the house with social housing modules and coworking spaces in the CTR house.

The tree crown grows its fruits, so the modules can be easily transformed into greenhouses - an alternative place of work for the residents of the complex. There will be a multi-storey greenhouse-garden in one of the combinations of houses, where residents can grow organic products for their own consumption or sale in the lower level of the house.

The technology of Cleaner Smog Free Tower is powered by energy derived from environmentally friendly renewable sources. Its power is enough to clean 30000 m3 of air per hour, it relieves the atmosphere of even the smallest particles, creating in the place of its position "bubbles" of clean air. At the same time it consumes only 1400 Watts/h of electricity.




Veronika Supruniuk

Bahrom Khakimov